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How does carpet cleaning work?

The process begins with an assessment to determine what products will best work on your type of carpets and remove any types of problems. Then we will come in and pre-vacuum, this will take less time if you vacuum prior, we just run a vacuum over to make sure every little bit of surface dirt is out before we start to ensure a good extraction process. The next step is we come in with a special spray of product to loosen up all the material embedded deep in the carpet fibers and help lift any stains that may be present. Our next very important step before we actually begin the steam clean process is agitation we use a CRB (Counter Rotating Brush) machine that gets in and really breaks up all the dirt molecules and hair that is embedded deep in the carpet fibers and brings them to the surface. This is the step when we bring in our cleaning wand and use hot water and extract all the product and dirt and everything else that was inside of the carpet fibers. We use updated cleaning wand technology that reduces the dry time on most carpets to around 2 hours maximum and if you need it quicker than that we do have ways to speed up that process as well.

What is the difference between a deep cleaner and a steam cleaner?

Deep cleaner and steam cleaner are often used interchangeably in the carpet cleaning industry. Many people think that steam cleaners—those that release steam—should only be used on hard surfaces. When we talk about deep or steam cleaning in the carpet business, we’re actually referring to the method we described above, which is known as hot water extraction.

Does carpet cleaning work on all carpets and fabrics?

No matter the carpet or fabric, CPR Carpet Cleaning LLC has a technique to clean it. We have eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions for even the most delicate of materials. Before we begin each job, we inspect the carpet to determine the safest cleaning method to preserve your investment. By using dedicated treatments for each job, we make sure you get you the best results every time.

Do I need to vacuum before my service?

You should vacuum your carpets regularly, but it isn’t necessary to pass it again specifically for our visit. Our technicians will always pre-vacuum the area with our state-of-the-art machines before we begin the cleaning.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

The time it takes us to clean each carpet depends on its area, how dirty it is, and how many tough stains there are. We can give you a more accurate estimation when you call us for a consultation.

Do you move furniture?

Yes, we move furniture before treatments, due to the time factor there is a small fee associated. However, as much furniture you can move before we arrive the quicker we can get to cleaning, and we ask that you remove electronics, decorative accent pieces, and breakables before we get there. If you’re concerned about a particular piece of furniture, let us know when you speak to our staff!

Why isn’t weekly vacuuming sufficient?

While vacuuming removes surface dirt, it’s not quite able to eliminate all the dust and bacteria that accumulates between the carpet’s fibers. Carpets act as a filter for our indoor air and pulls all the dust, dander, hair, ect out of the air we breathe and stores it inside that carpet. Our steam carpet cleaning processes is designed to penetrate the weave and extract soil and allergens. Our compounds eradicate bacteria buildup, which hurts air quality. You get a cleaner, healthier environment when we’re done.

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How long will it take my carpets to dry after carpet cleaning?

Drying time depends on a variety of factors, including temperature, humidity, airflow and carpet thickness. That said, our services return quicker drying times than many others—often just a few hours. Avoid letting children and pets play on the carpet until it’s fully dry.

How can I schedule a consultation?

By giving us a call now at (970) 254-1400! We’re happy to schedule a consultation for your home or business carpet cleaning. Why not get started now?

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